Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Epic Movie

The Australia trailer is out. You can watch it here.

I am a sucker for epic movies. I am also a sucker for Baz Luhrmann, wide-open spaces, Hugh Jackman, and trailers that feature Patrick Doyle's music from Kenneth Branagh's Henry V (he's not scoring the film). But with an uneasy touch of cynicism, I note that the trailer already looks like Titanic and Gone with the Wind and a host of other all-too-familiar things, hopefully just a marketing trick. I also hope that the aborigines aren't just picturesquely primitive window-dressing, and that Nicole Kidman's forehead is not immobile for the entire 2+ hours. Regardless of any fears, this is one that I vow, here and now, to go see in the theater. I can't wait.

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