Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whistle while you work

You can tell I'm busy; the posts are getting shorter and further apart.

I must say that music really helps when you have to buckle down. Favorite albums to work to at the moment? The Killers' Hot Fuss, Queen's Night at the Opera, Guys and Dolls (I don't even know if it's the original Broadway cast; I don't have time to read the album cover!), Dreamgirls (the movie soundtrack, sorry purists), Hairspray (Broadway recording with one track from the movie), and Aerosmith's Get a Grip. Green Day is coming out next. I have Dookie and I'm not afraid to use it.

Absolute failures: Lupe Fiasco's The Cool, Cavalleria Rusticana, and a couple of showtunes concert medleys. Hip hop does not work. I have concluded that I need to be able to either sing along loudly or bang my head to whatever I'm listening to.


1009 said...

fuck music that you can do something to. bang yr head!@@

Anonymous said...

hip-hop is terrible study music, ut a great way to hype yourself up when you need a distraction - try brother ali, that's what got me through my airport delays yesterday.

as for study music, metal and hardcore always work best.

but for seriously, if you can get through the OCR of Guys and Dolls without singing every note, then i don't know why you would even own it.