Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hail to the late-night chief

As a devoted late-night hound, how could I miss Obama's appearance? I'm watching it even as I type. Leno's actually doing quite well at both asking questions and being entertained, and it's actually striking to me how little Obama's demeanor has changed. To me, it makes perfect sense that he should be the first president to appear on a late-night show; there's nothing wrong with it. If it's good enough for the candidate, it's good enough for the president, and lord knows other politicians make use of them often enough as entertaining, safe means of communication.

Remember how Rachel Maddow said very early that Obama had not perfected the art of the sound bite? He still tends to take the long intellectual view. When Leno asked Obama about the AIG bonuses, he began his answer with the structure of AIG, rather than the bailout. A small but interesting insight into his approach, I think.

ETA: I knew the second I heard it that he was going to get in trouble for joking that his current 120 bowling average was like the Special Olympics. Yup, I was right. And justly so, I suppose. I don't doubt that Special Olympic bowlers could probably kick his butt, and it's only right that people know that these athletes are formidable.

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