Monday, April 14, 2008

Men in tights

Yet more princesses around here; yesterday I went to see American Ballet Theatre's Sleeping Beauty at the Civic Opera House. Now that was a deeply satisfying classical old time. Everything pretty, colorful, and just like an old-fashioned fairy tale: big castle sets, sparkly tutus, flowers, weird hats. Of course, that might also drive you wild. I don't get to the ballet so often that it bothers me. It definitely did not bother the scads of little girls wearing tiaras.

My friend pointed out, and the program confirmed, that Paloma Herrera and Angel Corella, the two leads yesterday, have been principals for a very long time. Since 1995, in fact. That seems like impressive longevity to me, even assuming that they were prodigies, but I guess it's not that common to fire your principals, and they wouldn't be retiring just yet. They were both amazing. Corella's turns were just a sight to behold, and Herrera gives off such an air of delicacy that she's perfect for a sixteen-year-old princess. Yet she's clearly strong as an ox, as all of her insane en pointe balancing showed.

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