Monday, January 12, 2009

Ah, awards season

Has anyone seen The Reader yet? How can Kate Winslet be a "supporting" actress in that one? Considering that the other role I know of in that film is played by two people (Ralph Fiennes as the older version), isn't that virtually saying that there is no lead actor in that film at all?

Nonetheless, lovely that she won, even if she did give two boring, emotional laundry lists of thank-yous speeches.

I thought of live-blogging the Globes. I did watch the whole thing, or rather I had the TV on the whole time while I was working. Random thoughts shoot through your head, like the first one in this post, or "Really have to see this John Adams miniseries," "WHAT was Mickey Rourke in when he was younger?", "The Jonas Brothers, I'm going to put a pen through my eye," or "Where's Sean Penn?"

My poor Frost/Nixon, shut out (0 for 5). At least it had good company, like Benjamin Button, which I swear I heard one commentator refer to as Benjamin Britten, except I'd be shocked if she actually knew of the British classical composer.

Like everyone else, I have to go see Slumdog Millionaire now, partly because I have slight skepticism about the politics of the film. I'm delighted that the Indian cast and crew seem so happy, but I just wonder a bit about an "Indian" film only winning when it's written by a white Brit and directed by Danny Boyle. I'm not objecting to it entirely; if it's good, it's good. But I'd be curious to see if any Indian reaction parallels the Chinese reaction to Crouching Tiger, which was something like "Been there, done that, unless you're Western and don't watch REAL Chinese films."

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