Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I hate prom

I finally figured out why I never really got into Eric Clapton. Two words: "Wonderful Tonight." Can you blame me? Of course, it's a charming, mushy, sentimental song, and his guitar sounds as good as it always does, but it was a staple of the painful junior high and high school slow dance. A girl putting on her makeup, a boy telling her she looks wonderful... Ugh, ugh, vomit. I still can't listen to it without a shudder.


1009 said...

That was my jr. prom theme. As you might imagine I wasn't entirely thrilled with the choice myself. But I got even: I was the only one of my friends at the time who could drive after 9pm, & I ended up just playing the 2nd Rage Against the Machine album all night while we drove around.

Heidi said...

Assuming that your friends were the entire prom committee and the king and queen, yes, you got even. Otherwise, you just raged against the machine.