Thursday, July 23, 2009

The pleasure of agreement

I haven't been watching much late-night TV lately -- the time for practicing and studying guitar has to come from somewhere! But I did tune in again the other night in time to catch a delightful rant by Craig Ferguson that went something like this:

"Young people of America. I finally decided to listen to the Jonas Brothers, and oh my lord, they SUCK! (audience cheers) Young people! I'm begging you! They don't even suck in an interesting way!" The delight was in the delivery. There's a crap vid on YouTube of an old rant of his about their appearance, but apparently the music pushed him over the edge.

As I always say: they will live to regret this, much like NKOTB fans.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,

Did you learn nothing from my 300 blog posts back in the day? And, specifically, from the one about embracing and refusing to apologize for guilty pleasures? No one should ever, for any reason, regret a preference in music.

Plus, I hate to break it to Craig F., but he's probably just a few slight notches above David Letterman (who's at the very bottom) on the list of "People On Whose Opinion Young People Might In Any Imaginable Context Depend for Their Artistic Enlightenment." And that, too, I'm entirely on board with. To thine own teen crushes be true, as the philosopher put it.