Friday, March 19, 2010

British magnetism

Whiled away a couple of hours after receiving some alarming medical news (all treatable, not to worry) by watching Inkheart, a totally underperforming film with Brendan Fraser, which I suppose is a redundant clause. It's a charming fantasy film about people with the ability to read books to life, essentially, and it also stars Helen Mirren as a dotty old lady (she's great, but it's not much of a part), Andy Serkis as the villain (he's fantastic, and so great to see him and not CGI Gollum), and the wonderful Paul Bettany as a magical, selfish character brought to life. I don't really follow Bettany, but he, along with the charming plot, was what made this film worth watching, and he was positively magnetic as Lord Melbourne in The Young Victoria. You could really imagine how Victoria got so wrapped up in his political games.

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