Monday, April 12, 2010

Peace and quiet, Irish style


This is a photo taken from Salthill, the seaside resort suburb below Galway. It's quiet at this time of year, but I did see some nutcase swimmers and a couple of enterprising fishermen gathering mussels. As a matter of fact, I picked a clump, and my crazy parents actually boiled them in the hotel teakettle and ate them.

See that little cliff? It's considerably farther away and higher than it looks, so I hiked to it. For the last mile or two, I was the only person around, and I'm sure that when I got up on the cliff, people for a good twenty miles could see me walking around. The cliff itself was gently sloped and easy to climb, but getting there was terrible. The land was privately owned, so I had to clamber over the rocky beach. I could have used hiking boots.

All in all, a lovely hike, and if I had had the foresight to bring food, it would have been a nice windy picnic up there.
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