Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Begrudging applause

As you all know, I have been missing my late-night TV; in grad school, I got in the habit of taking my laptop to the futon with me and doing some light work while watching late-night.

After a hiatus, in which I watched movies or simply stayed at my desk, I went back to the futon and discovered that NBC has taken the inspired route of airing reruns of Leno -- oh, but not recent reruns. They've gone so far back into the vault that it's like watching a bemusing time capsule. Last night, Julia Roberts was on... to promote Pelican Brief. Jay's hair was gray and he was asking her all about Lyle Lovett, who she had just married.

I have to admit that they're fascinating to watch to see how fast our pop-cultural framework changes, something that always trips me up with my students. This is the Harry Potter generation. Just think, in a few short years we're going to be teaching students who grew up obsessed with Hannah Montana.


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Ben said...

You know you've made it when you start getting these comments on your blog. Congrats! And be afraid, be very afraid.

Heidi said...

Yeah -- what the heck is that? Some very odd kind of spam?

Ben said...

Let's hope so--otherwise one of the World's Creepiest People (that's a new show on Fox) is now stalking you. Spam sounds good, though.