Friday, November 16, 2007

Women's film and theater


Just watched the trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl, which I had not realized was scripted by Peter Morgan, writer of The Queen and Frost/Nixon. How did he come up with witty banter like this sack of crap? "I'd know [a great man] if he were before me." "Do you see one here?" "Looking. Found one."

My ears are bleeding already. I suppose a really great actress could do something ominous and flirtatious with those lines, but for all that the media has been ramming Natalie Portman down my throat as a Great Actress since the day she was born, I still haven't forgiven her for the ear-bleeding, pencil-through-the-eye moments she gave the world in Star Wars I, II, and III.

Well, the movie looks lavishly costumed and setted, not to mention that it co-stars the winsome Scarlett Johanssen and hulky Eric Bana, so plug your ears and sit back. Comes out in February.
I've been YouTubeing the musical Wicked as well. Didn't realize that this was also about female solidarity, but the two witches are best friends and enemies. I guess this is more or less a constant fascination in the arts, but between all the sisterhoods on one side and bromances on the other, I'm starting to feel like calling people 'friends' is pretty lackluster.

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