Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Heart Jonathan Ross

I'm back, and more importantly, so is my computer, with a new hard drive.

With it back, I've been happily TouTubing with the excuse of testing out the new drive; as you might know, I love late-night television, and somehow I stumbled across Jonathan Ross on YouTube. He's a British talk-show and radio show host, also a film critic, I believe, and he is absolutely hilarious. The set is colorful and kitschy, he has singers who make up jingles to introduce his guests, he is famous for his ridiculous suits and ties, and of course, since it's British TV, no holds barred. How could you not at least shake your head in tribute to a man who asked a Conservative politican if he used to wank off to the thought of Margaret Thatcher?

I'm sure that you can see his show on BBCAmerica if you get it, but if not, it's worth checking it out on YouTube.

His first interview with Daniel Radcliffe was great. Radcliffe is also surprisingly funny, if a little overeager (not surprising for a 16-year-old). The second one is on YouTube as well, also very good.

I love this one with Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman for X3, though you have to just roll your eyes when Berry is going on about how Storm needed to be a better character (i.e., she wanted a bigger part).

If you get into it after that, the one with Renee Zellweger and Jerry Seinfeld is interesting, partly because Seinfeld clearly doesn't quite know what to make of Ross's weird humor at first.

And finally, this is best once you see what he's like now as a TV icon: a young Ross being steamrolled by Steve Martin at the height of his glory, around 1987.

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