Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Old Faithful

From TIME:

"Rudy Giuliani was faithfully smiling at his side in New York and New Jersey, where McCain confidently declared that he was going to "take" both New Jersey and the nomination on the big day."

I've been seeing this coming for a long time, but what an unholy duo that ticket would be. It's not that I think their positions are so incompatible (though on some issues they are), but just something about their general ethos... it's like pairing Cher with Bono instead of Sonny Bono.


Ben said...

Glad to have you and your new computer back, Heidi. While I agree with you about the unholiness of that duo, though, I don't think that McCain's ethos is nearly so far from Guiliani's, at least not any more; once perhaps he was genuinely that hero, that maverick, that rare Senator with integrity, but he's pissed all that away over the last few years in every conceivable way, and I believe would be just as dangerous a President ("Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" anyone?) as Guiliani.

Ben said...

So dangerous, in fact, that he can even get me and Pat Freakin' Buchanan to agree:


Heidi said...

Well, what I mean is that they're compatible in that their obsession and platform is the "war on terror," and yet you have maverick war hero and NYC mafia-rumored divorce? Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows.