Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, it's not a terribly newsworthy endorsement as they go, but did anyone else catch Robert Reich on Stephen Colbert last night? Colbert kept pressing Reich (former Labor secretary for Bill Clinton) for an endorsement, and he kept saying how great they both were, and how he had decided not to endorse. Colbert, in typical mock-overbearing fashion, kept pressing him: would he choose ebony or ivory? Ladyfingers or black forest cake? You get the idea. I thought they would just keep up the ridiculous banter right until the last exchange:

Colbert: What would you want in your Easter basket, chocolate bunny or marshmallow chick?
Reich: Just between us?
Colbert: Yeah?
Reich: Chocolate bunny.
Crowd: [GASP! Scattered applause.]

I may have gasped just a tiny bit too, mostly in surprise that he gave any answer at all. Rather cagey, but a bit of an endorsement for Obama. At least an amusing one this time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi (Ben here; can't seem to log in, so I'm commenting anonymously)! Thanks for the heads-up; I didn't know about the appearance, and since I think Reich is one of the most admirable and impressive public figures of the last couple decades, it definitely matters to me. Plus, it led to find Reich's blog:

which is, as expected, pretty interesting stuff.

Heidi said...

Hey Ben! Reich has a blog, great. I have to go see if he said anything about chocolate bunnies. His endorsement seems to have made news in the blogosphere but not mainstream media.