Thursday, March 27, 2008


On Main Street in Middletown, one of the many unassuming storefronts merely says Main Street Market. If you venture into Main Street Market, you are assaulted first by a natural foods market and then by store after store of vaguely new agey stuff, imported clothes, purses, weird stuffed animals, and scarves. If you dare to pass all these, looking neither to the right or the left, all the way in the back is the Fusion Bakery. And they make teeny-tiny ricotta-filled cannoli. I haven't had one since the last time I visited Boston; every cannolo I can find in Chicago is filled with that heavy cream. I nearly wept. It was heavily lemon-flavored, which I'm unaccustomed to, but nonetheless I must say that my opinion of Middletown shot right up. According to a heritage trail street sign that I passed, Middletown had an influx of Italian immigrants all from the village of Melilli in Sicily. I guess I have them to thank.


David said...

mmmm.... canolli... so delicious on the east coast, but an almost lost art by the time they get to Chicago. Almost. if you go out to the little Italy on the west side (not on the hear south side where we had dinner), there is a small Italian supermarket with really good produce and an in-house bakery that makes a solid ricotta canolli. Unfortunately, their shells leave something to be desired, but great filling!

What are you doing in CT, BTW? I forgot to ask. Also, why do I always comment about food?

Heidi said...

Eh? where is this place? We ate on the near west side, didn't we? over by UIC.