Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not worth it!

Not for me, anyway. I went to see Coraline today, and I have a serious 3D headache. The 3D was cool, and if you can make it through better than I, more power to you. I'll edit this later to add some actual content review.

ETA: I never got back to this, did I? Well, the movie was cute, a cautionary tale about childhood and getting what you wish for: ideal parents who turn out to be nightmares. It would be odd, I think, to take your child to see this; it's like saying, "See? Appreciate me!" Good voice acting from the stars Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, and John Hodgman. Cute animation, certainly, and beautiful work in making all the miniatures (one woman apparently was set to work with hair-thin needles to knit all the sweaters). Enjoyable, and technically brilliant. Incidentally, this is another Neil Gaiman work, so an interesting follow-up to my recent viewing of Stardust. I have to go tackle Gaiman's longer, more complex works; so far I'm not as wowed by his depth as his reputation led me to believe I would be. But he's extremely imaginative (and reimaginative, reworking old tropes into modern forms), so I think American Gods is going on the list.

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