Monday, February 9, 2009


On a complete whim, I actually took the Oscar prediction quiz on Roger Ebert's site, which comes with some kind of prize if you beat him -- but regardless, I barely disagreed with him, I'm afraid. The quiz doesn't go through every prize, but I'd say that the most wide open category is Best Supporting Actress (I put down Viola Davis for Doubt, but you never know). What I did do to differentiate myself from the Ebert, and also because I think it might happen, is pull a Crash-like surprise and put Danny Boyle as Best Director and something else -- The Reader, I think -- as Best Picture. I don't know (and can't honestly say that I particularly care). I don't think Slumdog has been out front long enough to get backlash, but there just have to be people in the Academy who don't particularly care about it very much, just as there were plenty who wouldn't vote for Brokeback Mountain.

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