Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In development

Every morning when I get up, I check IMDb for their nice roundup of studio news, which often yields interesting tidbits that I then follow up for years until the film comes out, usually a stunning disappointment. Recent case in point: Australia. Most notorious case in point (to me): Man in the Iron Mask.

Some days are good days, like the recent day when Fox announced it would swoop in and save the Narnia series. If they manage it well, they'll have a whole franchise on their hands.

Then there are odd days like today, when I read that Al Pacino and Michael Radford are going to make King Lear together, which makes me sigh a little. His Shylock was one thing, but Lear...? I was half-heartedly hoping that Ian McKellen and Trevor Nunn would do a film, since their recent Lear was so acclaimed.

But hey, if that's not your speed, apparently a new Nightmare on Elm Street is being made, as well.

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